Qatar’s Defense Minister promotes lies of military superiority

Hamadeen appears to be insisting on exporting illusions with the aim of deceiving Qataris with fake achievements of the emir of terrorism Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and to cover up Doha’s malignant role in supporting extremist groups to achieve its goals of destabilizing the Arab region.

Qatari Defense Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah forgot the boycott imposed on his country, saying in a lecture on the sidelines of the conference “Najah Qatari” currently held in Doha: “Qatar has coped with the boycott and moved to building the country and paying attention to the national cadres as well as expanding external relations as Qatar has managed to expand its relations with all the countries.”

Al Attiyah said that his country is working to achieve self-sufficiency in all areas, thus he continues to promote Tamim’s illusions, but he neglected the severe economic recession in the Qatari market since the Arab boycott.

He pointed out that Qatar continues its efforts to develop the military industrialization “based on the challenges facing the region in preparation for any risks.”

In contradiction to his speech which pointed to some grovelling to the Arab Quartet states, he said that his country is “open to unconditional dialogue with the boycott countries whenever they want.”