Sudanese official: Qatar must respect the sovereignty of Arab States

Fathi Hassan Osman, the leader in the Umma Party, said that Qatar and Turkey support Islam movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood in the region, especially Sudan.

Osman stated, in press statements, that Qatar and Turkey are following the latest developments of the Sudanese uprising that began since the coup three decades ago, and the Sudaneses revolt in December, which lasted four months in which they overthrew the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, which spread chaos in Sudan and caused being included on the list of the most corrupt states.

He also revealed that Qatar is seeking to finance forming a new MB-affilitaed party in Sudan, adding: “Qatar must know that the Sudanese people and their political and social forces and armed forces and all civil society organizations have decided to expel the political Islam group and throw it into the dustbin of history.”

He explained that it is impossible to go back, stressing that the Sudanese revolution will achieve its purposes. And if Qatar is keen on maintaining its relationship with Sudan, it must respect the will of the Sudanese people and stop interfering in the internal affairs of Sudan. He pointed out that if Qatar pursues democracy and forming political parties, it must allow this for its people who are ruled by the royal family.