US lawyer: Tamim’s brother will not evade justice

The American lawyer, Rebecca Castaneda, revealed that the brother of the Emir of Qatar, Khalid bin Hamad bin Khalifa, his lawyers and companies are evading from receiving a lawsuit of criminal and illegal acts.

After documents released by a federal court uncovered that Khalid bin Hamad, the Qatari Emir’s half-brother, was charged with attempting to hire an American security guard to kill two people and ordering him to hold another US citizen as a hostage, other details relating to the never-ceasing crimes of Hamad bin Khalifa’s sons are still unfolding.

Castaneda said that the failure of the emir’s brother to receive the lawsuit gives him an opportunity to postpone the hearings, but he will not escape justice, pointing out that what his actions will be punished according to the US laws. She also confirmed that catching him is a matter of time.

She explained that he escaped to an undisclosed location, and no one knows his whereabouts, noting that the Qatari embassy did not respond to her office’s correspondence.

Castaneda noted that Khalid bin Hamad bin Khalifa tried to force his American guard Matthew Pittard to kill two people. And when he refused to do so, he fired him and threatened to kill him. According to the lawsuit, the second person represented by the same lawyer is Matthew Allende who was a doctor for the brother of the Emir of Qatar while drinking alcohol. She made clear that Khalid bin Hamad bin Khalifa forced him to work for 36 hours, and when he refused an order to detain him in a residential compound and threatened him with weapons, he was forced to jump 18 meters.

The US lawyer added that the investigative authorities are now looking for any other cases in which the brother of the Qatari emir is wanted on similar charges, noting that he will face various criminal charges by the US federal investigative authorities.Read More