HBJ liquidates his property in London

French Magazine “Le Point” revealed that Qatar’s terrorism has been cuaght in the crossfire of European authorities, especially France and Britain, after exposing the scandal of the Qatari banks’ involvement in financing terrorist organizations’ operations in both countries.

Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, a former Qatari foreign minister and a member of the ruling family, had fears to be hit by terrorist financing sanctions, so he sold his properties in London and Paris for modest price, the magazine said in a report entitled “Two Qatari banks face charges of funding terrorism.”

It also noted that after news reports raised doubts about Qatari banks funding terrorist groups, bin Jassim rushed to sell his properties in London and Paris at any cost, fearing that he would be sanctioned by confiscating his $869 million assets in the two countries.

According to a report by Cornstone Global, a British strategic consulting firm, the authorities have unveiled Qatar’s funding of terrorist organizations through their banks.

The French magazine explained that Bin Jassim feared that the French and British authorities, under pressures from parliamentarians, call upon Qatari banks accused of financing terrorism, including Qatar National Bank “QNB” and “Al Rayan” to prove that they are not involved in facilitating the financing of terrorist entities targeted by the United Nations.

If these banks fail to implement that request, they will face penalties and lose their license to operate in the two countries.