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A circulating video raises controversy.. What is the truth about Erdogan’s illness?

There has always been speculation in Turkey about Erdoğan’s health status and his ability to lead.

Activists have recently shared on social media a video showing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan walking too hard to convey his footsteps and raising a big debate about the Turkish president health.

Turkish tweets have spread questions and speculation about the suffering of the 67-year-old Erdogan from a severe illness, and some have come to predict Erdogan’s death.

Turkish police have subsequently opened an investigation into dozens of social media activists and accused them of spreading a rumor about President Erdogan’s death.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg quote Turkish police as saying, in a written statement, that messages it described as “deceptive” were posted on Twitter under the hashtag “Apparently dead” in Turkish.

A statement by the Turkish Directorate General of Security (DGSS) to the social media Twitter posts referred to her as “insulting the dignity of Erdogan.”

The statement stated that 30 persons suspected of spreading “lies” had been brought to justice for investigation.

There has long been speculation in Turkey about the health status of Erdoğan, who has been in power for nearly two decades.

In 2011, Erdogan underwent intestinal surgery, and this was accompanied by rumors about his health that were not confirmed or not, but one of his doctors at the time denied that the president had cancer.

In return, the Turkish presidency early last month was forced to issue clarifications after news of Erdogan’s disease was circulated by international media.

On the fourth of last October, Foreign Policy magazine published a report about Erdogan’s deteriorating health, and attributed this to local news sites that broadcast videos online, in which Erdogan appeared to have problems, while other speculation indicated that doctors had implanted a device to regulate his heart irregular.

US magazine Foreign Policy said Erdogan had already shown weakness, with indications that he was suffering from the disease preventing him from running for re-election.

In recent months, a series of videos have emerged in which the Turkish leader has not appeared well.

Some of them are not as clear as others, but together they raise some questions about Erdogan’s health.

In one passage, for example, Erdogan needed his wife’s help on the wheelchair.

In another scene, he seems to be wandering around and having some difficulty walking in Anıtkabir, the shrine of Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

In a video that received much attention last July, Erdogan uttered unimaginable words during a speech on TV.

Erdogan has also appeared extremely frail on many occasions, with reports emerging about his health, including stories of him suffering increasing forgetfulness, breathing problems, confusion, and vomiting.

All this reinforces the theory of Erdogan’s illness and the weakness of the Turkish presidency’s position, which hardly denies a fact until it is chased by another.

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