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A new round of the Brotherhood’s war.. Does it herald the end of the group?

Brotherhood disagreements will lead to the weakness of the organization and then to its demise.

The internal war between the Brotherhood’s wings and their leaders is escalating in an attempt to exclude and eliminate each other. Following the decision of the Office of Global Guidance to uphold the legitimacy of Ibrahim Munir, the Hussein Front responded by stressing that what happened was invalid and had no consequences.

Ibrahim Mounir and Mahmoud Hussein

In a statement on Friday, it added that information is misconceived and fragmented from its context, trying to support some positions contrary to the truth, by legitimizing a fragmented reality that is not based on any credibility, as expressed.

It also stressed that the Munir Front had committed clear irregularities affecting its customs, values, morals and clear breaches of its regulations and rules of procedure.

The statement noted that the reported existence of a Global Bureau resolution supporting Ibrahim Munir’s position was contrary to the truth, and that the terms of reference of the Global Office were inconsistent, adding that the attempt by some to formalize some of the meetings between a number of non-competent elements of the group and in non-formal meetings was a kind of confusion and an attempt to impose a reality contrary to the truth.

Ibrahim Mounir

Mahmoud Hussein, the former Secretary-General of the group and the leader of the Istanbul Front, tried to participate in it as a member of Egypt’s Guidance Office, but he was banned after he refused to pledge allegiance to the leader of the London Front, Ibrahim Munir.

In the same context, the office stressed that Munir is the acting guide and his representative, which necessitates the pledge of allegiance to him according to the literature of the organizational group, but Hussein refused, so the office issued a statement in which he named Munir as his representative at home and abroad and ordered the obligation to give the pledge accordingly.

On the other hand, Hussein’s front announced its intention to hold a meeting of the Shura Council to install Hussein as the leader, stressing that he had the support of Mohammed Badie, the group’s guide, and Khairat el-Shater, the deputy guide who are in Egyptian prisons.

Mahmoud Hussein

And it considered that the Bureau office is only a coordinating framework and is not authorized, according to its regulations, to interfere in the affairs of internal countries’ organizations, nor does it have the authority to interfere in a decision issued by a shura institution in one of the countries.

It noted that more than half of the Bureau’s members were in the Egyptian Guidance Office, which was not available at the alleged meeting, but was not attended by the sole Guidance Office member outside Egypt or by the accredited substitute member.

It said that the General Shura Council of the Egyptian country inside and outside is the supreme authority in the group, and no one may contravene its decisions as long as they are institutional, and that any dispute is due to the Shura institutions that set things in perspective, and it also saw that the internal Egyptian affairs belong to the Egyptian General Shura Council, which is the final in his opinion, and in the 2015 crisis, he issued effective decisions to deal with it without external interference or arbitration.

Observers say that if the Brotherhood’s internal war continues in order to control the reins of affairs within the terrorist organization, it will lead to the organization’s weakness, and then to its demise, as defections within the group may eliminate it permanently, or settle matters within it in favor of one of the two conflicting fronts.

In any event, the terrorist organization will weaken further and have dissident enemies that constitute a great strategic weight after having for decades been the source of all extremist organizations.

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