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A Saudi prince who speaks of the Iranian threat and calls for awakening before regret

Prince Sattam bin Khalid bin Nasser Al Saud links the tension of Saudi - Lebanese relations to the Iranian threat.

Some Arab politicians, intellectuals, and media professionals are trying to defend the Iranian project in the Arab region and improve its image among the peoples, which Saudi Prince Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud considered to be a sign of spite and hatred in Saudi Arabia, in addition a lack of awareness of the Iranian threat to the Arab and Islamic nation.

Prince Sattam’s words came through a tweet he posted on his personal account on Twitter, describing the Iranian threat, and said that “if they can, they will not have mercy on anyone.”

He gave an example of what is happening in Syria, Iraq and Yemen of looting, killing and displacement, and considered it the best evidence of this danger.

He called everyone to wake up before remorse at a time when remorse does not work.

In another tweet, the Saudi Prince attached a video of a previous speech by Hezbollah Secretary – General Hassan Nasrallah, in which he said that “Saudi blood is required from the sons and officers of the army.”

Prince Sattam linked the recent tension in Saudi-Lebanese relations to the Iranian threat itself. He said: “We did not hear any voice from some Lebanese politicians. Rather, some of them were astonished at the Saudi position towards Lebanon in the recent crisis, so where is your sovereignty in these statements?”

Prince Sattam’s tweets come amid continued diplomatic tension between the Arab Gulf countries and Lebanon in the wake of statements by Lebanese Minister of Information George Kurdahi about the Yemen war, which has abused both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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