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After Hamad bin Jassim’s statements, has Qatar abandoned the Muslim Brotherhood?!

Hamad bin Jassim attacks the Brotherhood and exposes the secrets of their rule of Egypt.

No one denies the scale of the great crisis afflicting the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, which included all aspects, from a bitter internal conflict that divided the group into two groups (London – Istanbul) to external defeats and setbacks represented by their defeat in most Arab countries and their removal from the political scene, leading to the loss of their popular and even political incubator Turkey has expelled many of their leaders from its lands and is still gradually narrowing them down.

The unexpected slap comes from Qatar, the biggest supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. This was represented by former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, who criticized and taunted the Brotherhood more than once in his dialogue with the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas; Bin Jassim said: “The administration of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is good for running a shop, not a State administration.”

Hamad bin Jassim

Hamad Bin Jassim, some of the secrets that occurred during his reign, revealed that Doha had hosted a meeting between Morsi assistants and representatives of the Egyptian administration with representatives of the United States administration to bring the two parties closer together, when Washington wanted to learn about the Egyptian regime’s trends and economic policies.

He continued, “I left the meeting shocked, and the level of Morsi’s group was not up to the discussion at the time.” They were “poor people fit to run a shop, not the state. Morsi’s aides, who were present unanimously, were much less than expected and did not rise to the level.”

This attack, which was launched by who was described as the godfather of the Muslim Brotherhood, is the most violent from a Qatari official, although he was a former official, but his statements still remain official.

This attack provoked the anger of the Muslim Brotherhood, who did not remain silent and came to defend their organization and their late president, Mohamed Morsi. At the forefront of them was the Egyptian Brotherhood media figure, Mohamed Nasser, who said: “Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim is a liar, and he is the one who encouraged the group to run for elections. As for the shops that he spoke of, he knows very well which countries of this magnitude are” referring to the State of Qatar.

Mohamed Nasser

Observers have commented that these statements reflect Qatar’s intention to modify its policy towards the Muslim Brotherhood after it proved its failure and inability to realize the gains that the Qatari regime had been looking for and to spend billions of dollars for.

In particular, the statements of the former Qatari Prime Minister were not the first of their kind, preceded by statements along with actual steps reflecting the abandonment of the Brotherhood , the most recent of which was the decision to expel the second- row leaders from the organization and to give them temporary deadline to leave the country.

It will be recalled that, after the Al-Ula agreement, observers expected Qatar to abandon the Brotherhood in order to preserve its interests in the region, especially since it had only gained from their disappointment. However, Doha’s steps in this regard are still slow, and others suggest that Doha will not abandon the Brotherhood once and for all before it finds a better alternative to implementing its political Islam project than the Brotherhood.

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