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An update on the issue of Qatari lobbying on America.. Has Doha fallen into the evil of its business?

Qatari agent John Allen resigns from the chair of the Brookings Research Institute.

The news of retired General John Allen’s resignation from the presidency of the Brookings Institution was shared by US media six days after a court filing revealed evidence that he had secretly lobbied for Qatar.

Allen’s resignation is the latest indication of the seriousness of the federal investigation into Qatar’s clandestine lobbying case in 2017 to pursue its interests in the United States and conspire against its Arab neighbours.

John Allen

The Brookings Institute, a 106-year-old think tank and a pillar of Washington’s liberal foundation, placed General Allen on administrative leave last Wednesday.

According to the media, Allen’s resignation stemmed from prosecutors’ request for a warrant to inspect electronic communications, and prosecutors cited General Allen’s letters for work payments to help Qatar win Washington’s support against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Observers also say that opening the Qatari file before the courts and covering the Qatari lobbying case by most of the US media will reveal many of the blacks files and hidden hands employed by Qatar in knitting conspiracies, as the Former US Ambassador Richard Olson, now on trial in the same Qatari lobbying case, was the first domino stone to fall and after proceeding with the case, General John Allen’s hidden role has been revealed, and no one knows how many roles will be revealed in the coming period and what measures may affect Doha as a result of its prolongation by illegal means.

Richard Olson

According to observers, what is happening these days in the United States of revealing Qatar’s roles is not an ordinary thing. Rather, it is a great disaster to come that Doha will receive.

It should also be noted that the Brookings Institution is facing an embarrassing situation after finding itself in the middle of a political scandal and telling its staff in an email that the institute itself is not under investigation and that the think tank’s executive vice president, Ted Geyer, will serve as acting president.

“We have full confidence in the Brookings team’s ability to continue to focus on delivering quality, independence and impact,” the email said.

The Brookings Institute is one of the most influential think tanks in the United States and has long had strong ties with Qatar. In 2007, Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved funding for a branch supported by the institution in Doha, the Brookings Doha Center.

Brookings Doha Center

The Qatari government said in a 2012 press release that the Centre’s role included highlighting “Qatar’s bright image in the international media, especially in the United States”, according to a New York Times report that Qatar had made $14.4 million in contributions to the Brookings Institute over a four-year period.

As a nonprofit organization, Brookings does not have to specify what donations it receives but does disclose some data voluntarily, and its annual reports show that Qatar gave at least $2 million annually from 2016 to 2021.

The American media also reported that the Brookings Institution was receiving Qatari funding, but General Allen felt the danger and issued a decision to stop receiving Qatari support in 2019.

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