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Duplication of Qatar.. Enemy and ally simultaneously

Since its inception, Qatar has been regarded as an emirate that sponsors and finances terrorism.

Last March, the US administration designated the State of Qatar a major non-NATO ally, a valued distinction carries by Israel, but what is weird thing about Qatar is that Qatar is an ally of the United States, and an ally of Iran and a world headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, so how do you combine opposites?

To dispel the confusion in answering the question, we need to go back in time to 1996. That year, the Qatari regime undertook two major initiatives. It founded the Al Jazeera satellite television network and it opened Al Udeid Air Base, which it gave to the US Air Force to use as its Central Command responsible for directing all US air operations in the Middle East and South Asia.

It was the beginning of Qatari duplication, to be generous with the United States in donations and gifts, and to do whatever it wished to support and promote terrorism.

Since its inception, Al Jazeera has served as the most powerful mouthpiece in history for the Muslim Brotherhood and its message of global jihad. The network served as the home network for Al-Qaeda both before and after the Sept. 11 attacks, for Hamas, for ISIS and other Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups. It has also served as the fierce apologist for Iran. The most recent example is its failure, not covering the mass anti-regime protests inside Iran these days.

Al Jazeera

Observers say that without Al-Jazeera, the forces of terrorism would never have risen as they have over the past 25 years.

Also, Al Jazeera is not an independent actor, but rather a platform controlled by the Qatari regime, whose Islamic and foreign policies are identical to Al Jazeera’s editorial line, as Qatar is Hamas’ international headquarters and largest financier, and it was the base of operations of the Taliban leadership during their 20-year war against America, and a refuge for terrorists and financiers before and after September 11.

The relationship between the Brotherhood and Qatar goes back to the 1960s, when the tiny emirate brought the chief Egyptian Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradhawi to Doha after then Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser expelled him from Egypt in order to create a massive program for Islamic education that would come to serve as state ideology.

Al- Qaradhawi received the highest paid Al Jazeera media network for spreading his terrorist message to the entire Arab world, and for decades, his “Shari’ah and Life” program was watched by tens of millions of Muslims worldwide.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi

David Ribois, author of “The Shadow War in Qatar”, explains that ” Because of the Qatari state’s intimate relationship and ideological connection with the Brotherhood, it has become very difficult to see where one ends and the other begins.”

In other words, Qatar is, at its core, an emirate that sponsors and finances terrorism almost from its inception.

Despite disseminating the message of global terrorism and supporting terror groups worldwide as well as Iran, the Qataris also made themselves indispensable to the Americans, They built the Americans a state-of-the-art base at their own expense( Al Udeid base) at a time of heightened tensions between Saudi Arabia and the US, as have many other valuable presents followed to the United States armed forces, to the private sector and American elites in all walks of life.

Al Udeid Air Base

On the one hand, Doha plays a pivotal role in waging the terrorist attacks against the US and the free world. On the other hand, it showers them with gifts. Qatar opened campuses for US universities and think tanks in Doha. It opened factories that hire thousands of American workers in key states. It regularly invites influential communal and thought leaders on all-expenses paid luxury tours of Doha. It spends millions on lobbyists in Washington.

During the George W. Bush administration, the US’s dependence on Al Udeid base saved the regime from criticism and sanction after the 9/11 attacks and during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

During the Obama administration, ties reached new heights as Barack Obama and his advisors worked to realign the US towards the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran and away from the US’ traditional allies, Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In 2017, the Trump administration had a golden opportunity to cut ties with Qatar in 2017, when Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut off ties with Qatar due to its support for terrorism, Rather than side with its allies, the Trump administration first sat on fence and later mediated “peace deal” between the sides, and the Biden administration is currently expanding ties between the United States States and Qatar.

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