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Figures who helped Qatar host the World Cup under accountability and follow-up

Switzerland’s prosecutors demand a 20-month suspended prison sentence for Platini and Blatter.

On 15 June 2022, Switzerland’s public prosecutor issued Sepp Blatter (86) and Michel Platini (66) with 20-month suspended prison sentences in connection with accusations of fraud against the football organization FIFA, reported RTS.

The week before, the two defendants had rejected all of the accusations, which included the improper transfer of CHF 2 million from FIFA to Platini between 1998 and 2002, allegedly for consulting services. The prosecutor concluded there was no legal basis for the payment.

Blatter and Platini must be declared guilty of fraud, breach of trust, misappropriation and document forgery, said Thomas Hildbrand the prosecutor.

Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini

The two accused individuals did not show a shadow of regret, said Hildbrand. Mr Blatter and Mr Platini were free to choose to follow the law or break it and had opted to break it without valid reason, Sepp Blatter knew well that the payment of two million francs would harm FIFA and enrich Michel Platini, according to Hildbrand.

The two men were issued with 20 month suspended sentences.

In a different context, the British Daily Mail reported that former England international David Beckham was being condemned and criticized by Amnesty International for praising Qatar, without heeding its black human rights record.

The rights organization criticized David Beckham’s appearance as the face of the World Cup, and spoke with his former team-mate Gary Neville about Qatar and its hospitality during a promotional video for the World Cup.

David Beckham

The organization also deplored the thirty-minute video of talking about Qatar and the World Cup and praising the repressive state, without referring to the 10 million pound deal that made Beckham an ambassador for the World Cup in Doha, especially since many believed that Beckham’s presence would represent the appropriate opportunity to exploit his profile and unique popularity to keep the world’s focus on human rights issues surrounding the Qatar World Cup. This feels like a missed opportunity.

Perhaps it is noticeable that with the World Cup approaching, international organizations, courts and the media are trying to shed light on the famous figures who have indulged in Qatari corruption for the sake of money, to remind that the disgraceful way in which Qatar won the honour of organizing the World Cup will not absolve it of responsibility even if the tournament is held on its territory.

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