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Ilhan Omar.. the double scandal of Qatar

The Independent revealed the Qatari conspiracy to change US policies towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by recruiting Ilhan Omar and her ilk.

Tamim’s moral fall are rapidly accelerating. It seems Qatar internal crisis is not only what he will occupy for the coming period, as a new scandal has surfaced. We re-read it in a careful analysis to reveal the hidden disease in those who feel the complex of inferiority and smallness and immerse themselves in the details of the major countries, even if forced It is all available to trade.

Ilhan Omar and the Khashoggi case

In the midst of the great media pumping that occurred in the Middle East and the world as a result of the crises in the Middle East, the presence of Ilhan Omar on the map of world politics is nothing more than a novel (a Somali refugee) who arrived in America to become a representative in the US Congress, but with the presence of Tamim’s malevolent arms against almost everything and resentment After all, which is trying to occupy a role greater than its size, the story of Ilhan Omar began to take a different course since the start of the effects of the Jamal Khashoggi case, when suddenly Ilhan Omar appeared to present to the US Congress a bill to hold Prince Muhammad bin Salman accountable.

Ilhan Omar

Representative Omar literally says in her statement on the Minnesota Republican Party website: “This is a long-awaited honest description of the brutality and lawlessness of the Saudi dictator, Mohammed bin Salman, what was already clear and unambiguous now, Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudi regime are directly responsible. for the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and they must be held accountable.” Statement link here

Who is Ilhan Omar?

Ilhan Abdullah Omar, born in 1981 on October 4, holds American citizenship of Somali origin and converts to Islam, which she is trying to portray in her various media appearances in a way that sometimes raises suspicion. She is the first Somali woman to win the position of a member of the European Parliament.

Ilhan Omar

In 2002, Ilhan Omar married Ahmed Hersi, then they applied to register their marriage in the United States of America, but the application did not meet the legal criteria at the time, and the result of the marriage was two children before the couple separated in 2008.

Then Ilhan Omar married in 2009 to Ahmed Nour Said, a British national, and separated from him in 2011. In 2017, her divorce from Ahmed Nour Said was officially completed, but Ilhan, before completing the divorce procedures, returned to Ahmed Al-Harsi in 2011 and gave birth to a third child from him in 2012, and after The end of her divorce proceedings from her British husband, she registered her marriage to Ahmed Al-Harsi in 2018.

Incest, church marriage, and disobedience to Islam!

A whirlwind of relations for Representative Ilhan Omar, its chapters were finally revealed by the British Daily Mail, where the newspaper published on August 13, 2021 images of DNA analyzes that a conservative group in Minnesota managed to conduct on cigarettes that had been smoked by the name Ahmed Al-Harsi, whose name the Daily Mail apparently mentions as “Alami” It turns out that Al-Harsi is 99.99% of the brother of Ilhan Omar, and rumors have always spoken of the great similarity between Ilhan and her guard husband and three children born incest.

Matching the published news indicates that the two personalities of Ahmed Al-Harsi and Elmi are connected to be the same person.

Elmi and Omar were married on February 12, 2009 at the Hennepin County office in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, southwest of Minneapolis, showing their license. Marriage contract by a Christian priest.

It seems that this volatile life of a refugee reflects a personality that has been exposed to all the hardships that refugees are exposed to, but it is not necessarily what calls her to marry her brother!

Forgery to marry her brother

Ilhan Omar, who tweeted last March on Twitter, saying: “Every minute that Mohammed bin Salman gets away with it is a moment of danger to American interests, human rights and the lives of Saudi dissidents.” Someone and the bad application of her.” Ilhan, according to an article in the British Daily Mail, forged documents and married her brother!

Ilhan coming to the forefront of the media The journey of that media and political appearance began in 2016 with her election as a Representative from Minnesota from the Democratic Party as the first Somali-American in Congress. Her political campaigns continued until her candidacy for Congress in 2018, when she was elected as the first Somali-American to be elected to the United States Congress.

Something behind the bluff

Whoever designed the script for this Hollywood movie seems to have designed it in a way that does not leave him room to criticize the movie “The Misfits.” Representative Ilhan Omar had a major role in the great campaign against Prince Mohammed bin Salman within the Republican Party, in Congress and in public campaigns in the United States of America, which makes The scene is suspicious.

Qatari espionage to the fore!

Ilhan Omar, who was accused in 2019 of spying for Qatar, according to The Independent newspaper, where the newspaper published statements by a Canadian businessman of Kuwaiti origins named Alan Bandar, and we quote here from the newspaper’s website: “For two days, conservative American websites and newspapers continued to publish accusations against Ilhan Omar that came from Alan Bandar, who is A Canadian businessman, born in Kuwait, during the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani, the half-brother of the current Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, accused of ordering his American bodyguard to assassinate two people, and to hold the guard hostage after he refused to carry out the assassination orders.

At the time, The Independent revealed the Qatari conspiracy to change US policies towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by recruiting Ilhan Omar and her ilk. The newspaper revealed that Alan Bandar, in his discharge testimony before the trial taking place in the Central District Court in the US state of Florida, said that he met Prince Khaled’s Secretary for Security Affairs, Muhammad bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Misnad, and two other senior Qatari officials who told him that without the money to pay Qatar gave her to Representative Ilhan Omar, now like any black Somali refugee in America, collecting charitable donations or serving food to customers in restaurants during the weekends.

The newspaper also revealed that Qatari officials demanded that he work to recruit American politicians and journalists to work for Qatar, and when he objected to this, they told him that many prominent personalities in the United States are on the payroll that Qatar pays to them, and that Ilhan Omar is considered a “crown jewel” among clients. The Qataris, as described by the witness, referring to its importance and the sensitivity of its position in the US House of Representatives.

The issues of Qatar’s clients continue to surface successively and its interference not only in the affairs of its neighbors, but also to incite global public opinion by creating personalities who attack its neighbors. For a long time before deciding on it, given what the events reveal of a Qatari conspiracy that goes beyond the limits of imagination, but it is not strange to the Tamim regime.

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