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Naming Taiwan in the World Cup form.. A small detail reveals the loss of Qatar among the great countries

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Once again Qatar changes the reference to the nationality of visitors coming from Taiwan to obtain the attendance card of the World Cup as “Chinese Taipei”, having recently responded to the request of the Taiwan government, removed any sign of China and also placed Taiwan’s flag in its electronic system, based on pressure from the US authorities according to sources speaking to QLeaks.

But the amendment did not last long until Qatar redirected to Taiwanese that they were from Chinese Taipei, a clear loss of decision-makers in Doha, and submission to the political attractions between China and the United States.

Hayya Card

Observers say that the small Gulf state has always tried to win the satisfaction of the major countries, but it has been lost in the small detail of Taiwan and has made it difficult to make a decision to the satisfaction of both the American and Chinese sides, becoming to satisfy this and bow to this.

Following its recent decision, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its “appreciation” for the Qatari Government’s “commitment to the one-China principle and its handling of related matters consistent with the usual practice of international sporting events”.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the move, stating that the organizers were “unable to firmly reject the inappropriate interference of political forces”.

China had engaged in “bullying” and had “repeatedly and blatantly used the illusory one-China principle to continue to downplay Taiwan internationally, creating the false impression that Taiwan belonged to China.”

Taiwan’s democratically elected Government rejects China’s claims to sovereignty, saying that only the islanders can decide their own future.

Seeking to assert its sovereign claims, China escalated its pressure on foreign countries and companies to refer to Taiwan as part of China in official documents and websites, such as “Taiwan is a Chinese province”, or “Taiwan China”.

Taiwan has never participated in the World Cup finals, and was eliminated in the second round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 tournament last year after losing all eight of its matches.

There are no diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Qatar, which like most countries only recognizes China’s Government.

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