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On American orders.. Qatar acquiesces to Taiwan

World Cup organizers remove reference to China from Taiwanese fans' papers.

Qatar acquiesced to the Taiwan authorities’ request and deleted the reference to China in the papers of Taiwan fans requesting an identity card that is also used as a visa to enter the Gulf state.

All World Cup ticket holders must obtain an ID card that is used to identify them and also as a visa to enter the hospitality State.

Earlier, the Taiwanese Government expressed concern when it discovered that the application for an online ID did not include a mention of the island, but only of “Taiwan, a province in China”, words that anger both the Taiwan Government and many of its citizens.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Qatar of politicizing the FIFA World Cup after a senior country official said Taiwanese were likely to be listed as Chinese on the “Haya” ticket.

Hayya Card

Late the same day, however, the electronic system began to define the island only as Taiwan, along with its flag, and this was a victory for Taiwan.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry spokeswoman told reporters that the move was a “positive development.”

There are no diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Qatar, which only recognizes the Beijing government.

Observers told QLeaks that the matter angered the authorities in the United States of America, which ordered Qatar to comply with Taiwan’s request.

The United States is engaged in a diplomatic war with China, where US President Joe Biden said that his country will defend Taiwan, if it was attacked by Beijing, in a situation that appears to be a shift from US foreign policy on the issue.

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