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Sudan hands over 21 Brotherhood members to the Egyptian authorities

The Sudanese authorities deport the fugitive members of the Muslim Brotherhood group residing on its territories to Egypt.

It seems that Egypt has become like a holocaust for the Brotherhood as a result of the Egyptian judiciary issuing several judicial rulings against members of the group who have provoked chaos and riots in the country, committed terrorist acts, smuggled and stole public money attempted to overthrow the regime and other heinous crimes.

Because of the constantly applied of the law’s provisions to the terrorist group, its members were exhausted to monitor any new situation, in order to invest and appear before the international community as aggrieved.

On Sunday morning, accounts of members and leaders of the Brotherhood stated that the Sudanese authorities handed over 21 Egyptian members of the group to the Egyptian security services, including a man, his wife and children.

Haytham Abo Khalil, a Brotherhood leader and media figure who fled to Turkey, revealed that among those handed over are Issam Abdel Majid Diab Sayed, Akram Abdel Badi Ahmed Mahmoud, Mohamed Ibrahim, Mona Saeed Jadallah, Youssef Mohamed Ibrahim, and Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim.

Last March, Abo Khalil said that the Brotherhood’s Wadah Hisham Noureddine Abdullah, who is 33 years old and has resided in Sudan for two years, disappeared while going to foreigners’ affairs in order to complete his travel procedures to Turkey.

He added that the Brotherhood’s man obtained a visa for him, his wife and children in order to go to Turkey, and when he went to foreigners affairs to complete the travel procedures, he was arrested and disappeared, adding that he feared a repeat of what happened to the Brotherhood’s Hossam Salam, founder of “Hasm” Movement, who was arrested by the Egyptian authorities at Luxor Airport Before heading to Turkey as well, the group’s members expressed through their accounts on the communication sites their fears that the Sudanese authorities would hand over the Brotherhood’s man to Egypt, calling on their leaders to intervene to prevent his extradition.

The Egyptian authorities, in a major blow to the Brotherhood and its armed branches, managed last January to arrest Hossam Salam, the leader of “Hasm” movement and founder of the movement, before he fled to Turkey.

Hossam Salam

Brotherhood platforms said at the time that the Egyptian authorities arrested Salam and took him off a Sudanese plane on its way to Turkey and made an emergency landing at Luxor Airport.

Hossam Salam, a former student at the Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University, was expelled from the Faculty in 2014 along with 9 other students belonging to the group for a month for assaulting the administrative staff, breaking into the Dean’s office and smashing his car, and was convicted of aggravated imprisonment for 3 years and the car No. “MIA 8327”.

He also participated in the establishment of “Hasm” Movement and the implementation of several terrorist operations on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the attempted assassination of the former Mufti Ali Gomaa, the Assistant Public Prosecutor, Counselor Zakaria Abdel Aziz Othman, and the targeting of police and army officers.

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