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Sudan’s Brotherhood Change Their Skin

The Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan is trying to contest the elections in order to return to power.

After being disqualified from their three decades of power, the Muslim Brotherhood in the Sudan is trying to return to political life, by changing its skin by calling for the establishment of a new party that might take it out of the cloak of the regime of former President Omar Hassan al – Bashir.

Omar al-Bashir

On Sunday, the Ninth General Conference of the Brotherhood, which concluded its work in Khartoum, unanimously authorized a proposal to form a party that would form a political arm that would support the Sudanese brotherhood and contest elections after the end of the transition.

Local reports stated that the Brotherhood’s General Superintendent, Awadullah Hassan Sayed would be the Chairman of the preliminary committee of the Muslim Brotherhood’s new “Authenticity and Development” party affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Awadullah Hassan

The elected members of the General Conference are expected to hold political positions within its structures, primarily Saif al-Din al-Arbab, who was elected as the head of the group’s Shura Council.

The General Conference decided to establish a new 45-member Shura Council, to be held after the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday, to consider the election of the Observer General of the group, to determine the form of the party’s relations with the group and other political forces, to set out the required aspects of the new plan and to prepare for the upcoming elections.

It should be noted that there was a wide debate at the General Conference of the Brotherhood in order to change the name of the Muslim Brotherhood after the group’s popularity declined significantly locally and globally and it was removed from power in many Arab countries, such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. But it ended with the proposal to form a new party called “Authenticity and Development,” the new name might attract and be accepted by the Sudanese people.

Observers say that what is surprising is the Brotherhood’s reliance on formal procedures only in trying to convince people of them, and this reminds the peoples and assures them that the Brotherhood is only a resonant slogan group and not an action group, their experiences with power were the best evidence of the truth.

According to observers, if the group does any action, it is not to improve itself, but rather to find a way to power by any means, whether by adopting terrorism or conspiracy or otherwise.

Some also explain that the Brotherhood’s move to establish a new party falls within the scope of escaping or covering up terrorist acts and the abuses committed by the group’s members in cooperation with the former ruling National Congress Party, in an attempt to create chaos to displace the government of Abdalla Hamdok.

Abdalla Hamdok

Finally, the Muslim Brotherhood in the Sudan seems to be trying to take the electoral way in the future in order to reach power, there is no doubt that they have committed abuses and bribes to manipulate the results, especially since they have a long history in the experience of power in the Sudan. In general, the group has past experiences of electoral fraud and external financing, the most recent of which is the revelation by the Tunisian judiciary of the practices of the Brotherhood there and its receipt of external funding to manipulate elections.

It is also worth mentioning that the Sudanese people will not accept the Brotherhood’s easy return to power, because the revolution of this people was against a rule based on a Brotherhood base, and there is an insistence on the removal of the current power and its hidden alliances with symbols in the former regime, as demonstrated by the succession of protests and demonstrations on the street.

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