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The fall of the Brotherhood in Libya is inevitably coming

The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to disrupt the elections by all available means.

More than three months is the remainder of Libyan elections scheduled for the next 24 December, which are supported by Security Council resolution 2470, and It is an important step towards greater stability and the unification of the country.

As part of the United Nations preparations to secure the elections, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterich, submitted a letter to the United Nations Security Council, noted the deployment of an international team of 10 observers working with the Libyan Joint Military Commission (5+5) to monitor the parties’ implementation of specific provisions of the Ceasefire Agreement.

As the embassies of the United States, Germany, France, Italy and Britain said in a joint press statement yesterday, Sunday, that, this election, to be held next December, means that all parties will follow the road map drawn up in Tunis in November 2020.

Brotherhood anxiety

The Justice and Construction Party, in turn, issued the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood days ago a statement rejecting elections.

The statement

The statement by the Justice and Construction Party alleged that the President of the Libyan Chamber of Deputies, Aqila Saleh, the provisions of the political agreement and the internal regulations governing the work of the Council were exceeded when the Law on the Election of a President was passed.

The statement added that the party rejected the procedure passed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.


In addition, Libyan Member of Parliament, Member of Parliament Saeed Amghib wrote on his personal Facebook page: “A new feature of the new political map in the region that appears in the Kingdom of Morocco and Algeria is the next stage.

And the member of the House of Representatives continued: “The group we have, that is, in Libya, prepare your bags and preparing to leave and parting, a separation after which there will be no meeting, God willing”.

Tunisian human rights activist Wafaa El-Shazly also commented on the Brotherhood’s defeats with a post on her Facebook page: “Bay Bay brothers are everywhere! And soon your rot files will be closed in Libya, especially in the Libyan West, after Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, and Morocco!”


It seems that the Arab Spring has turned into bitter chill that engulfs the Brotherhood in the light of the group remaining on the same mind despite the depth of public anger and revelation about their failure, the brothers still follow the old way clinging to their spheres of influence and trying to immunize them and turn the masses against parliament and elections as happened in Egypt eight years ago.

Muslim Brotherhood

The brotherhood are also trying to disrupt the elections by all available means, whether by denouncing and denouncing elections, challenging elections and their legality or by igniting fronts and moving their armed groups to create clashes and confusion between regions.

Observers confirm that these indicators show that the inevitable failure is the only fate that awaits the terrorist group, which is falling like dominoes in the Arab world from Egypt to Morocco.

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