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The Muslim Brotherhood are officially divided

The Beginning of the End of the Organization of the Brotherhood in its Internal Crises.

Barely a day goes by as we witness a new chapter of the brotherhood conflict and a deepening rift within the terrorist organization. The past hours carried with it new news from Mahmoud Hussein, former Secretary-General of the Brotherhood and leader of what was known as the Istanbul Front, with statements broadcast by the group’s sites on Thursday evening. He confirmed the invalidity of the decisions of Ibrahim Munir, the acting general guide, his dismissal from his position, and the selection of a temporary committee to carry out his duties.

Muslim Brotherhood

Through video posted by Muslim Brotherhood sites, Hussain attacked all the speakers who accused him of seeking responsibility and contesting the lead. He said: “This is the work of my heart, God is All-Knowing,” adding: “That is not the hoped-for thought.”

Hussein claimed that he had previously given up the position of General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood after arresting of the former General Guide Mahmoud Ezzat in Egypt, and said that this position is his right according to Article 5 of the group’s by-laws, which states that in the absence of the General Guide and his deputies, the oldest member of the Guidance Office would act as the general guide of the group, which applies to him.

However, Mr. Mahmoud Hussain said that he had submitted, at his request and with the signature of 10 leaders from the Consultative Council, an amendment to article 5 of the Group Regulations, the purpose of which was to refer the matter to the General Consultative Council in the absence of the General Leader, but Munir ignored the request.

Hussein also explained that the General Consultative Council, which is the highest body in the group, met a few days ago and decided to dismiss Munir, and invalidate his recent decisions to marginalize, freeze and dismiss Brotherhood leaders, and also decided to form a temporary committee to assume the duties of the acting guide.

He also added that invitations had been made to all members of the Consultative Council, which had met with a valid quorum in accordance with the group’s by-law, and had decided to adopt all those resolutions, considering that “Munir is a brother but no longer has any current responsibilities within the group, and that his recent decisions have no effect, and may only be taken by the adopted and elected consultative decision.“

Furthermore, he stressed that Munir could not dissolve elected councils, dismiss or freeze leaders in the Consultative, declaring that the Council had issued a decision to dismiss Munir from office and to revoke all his decisions.


Observers say that this clever step adopted by Mahmoud Hussein has set the stage for him not only to take over the position of Public Defender by acting as mentor, but also to retain all his financial, companies, tasks and other benefits, thereby taking control of everything by the joints of the terrorist organization, which is not satisfied by Munir and his forehead, but also by many Brotherhood youth who reject both fronts.

Mahmoud Hussain

How did Mounir respond?

On the other hand, Munir rejected the aforementioned decision, and announced the formation of a new Consultative Council to respond to Hussein’s Consultative and cancel its decisions.

Munir also called the new formation the Consultative Council Abroad, and Mahmoud Al-Ebiari and Muhammad al-Buhairi, the two leaders in the international organization, supported him in this.

Ibrahim Mounir

In addition, he decided to freeze and marginalize a number of Brotherhood leaders loyal to Hussein and Istanbul Front, whose number has so far reached about 73 leaders, while continuing to freeze the six leaders in Istanbul Front, they are Mahmoud Hussein, Medhat Al-Haddad, Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab, Hammam Ali Youssef, Rajab Al-Banna, and Mamdouh Mabrouk.

It is noteworthy that besides Al-Buhairi and Al-Ebiari, Youssef Nada, the former commissioner of the group’s international relations and responsible for the group’s investments in most parts of the world, supported Munir’s decision, a few days ago, he made statements that were monitored by QLeaks, in which he tried to resolve the conflict in his favor and the leaders of London leaderships.

Youssef Nada

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