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The war on the Muslim Brotherhood’s fronts continues

The division deepens the rift between the two parts of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood barely passes a day without controversy, new skirmishes and each of their conflicting parties is constantly trying to clamp down on it in an internal war that the organization has been fighting for several months.

In light of the terrorist group’s organizational and administrative slack and its successive defeats, the wedge of division deepens the rift between the two feuding groups, the Istanbul Front led by Mahmoud Hussein, the group’s former Secretary-General, and the London Front headed by Ibrahim Munir, the acting General Guide.

Mahmoud Hussein and Ibrahim Munir

A few days ago, in a new round emphasizing the depth of the dispute between the two fronts, the Istanbul Front issued an official statement in which it warned that “the General Shura Council, according to the text of the regulation, is the supreme authority of the group, and any entity on behalf of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is not compliance with the decisions of the General Shura Council, so it is an entity that has declared its non-affiliation for the group.”

According to observers, this type of statement is not part of the conflicts and bickering between the two fronts, but rather emphasizes a new rebellion among the Brotherhood’s ranks in Egypt and their opposition to Mahmoud Hussein’s decisions in Turkey.

The statement of the Hussein front added: “Anyone involved in the formation and management of such an entity has relieved himself of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

This statement comes amid persistent attempts on both fronts to portray themselves as the exclusive representative of the terrorist group. The statement also confirms that disagreement between the two fronts has reached an impasse and that all attempts to reconcile them have ended.

The Brotherhood’s General Shura Council is the supreme authority in the organization, which is based on obedience, but in light of the presence of the majority of the group’s historical leaders in prison following their convictions for terrorist crimes, the organization held new elections whose legitimacy is challenged in light of the dispersal of the organization’s leaders outside Egypt.

Ibrahim Munir assumed the position of Acting guide following the arrest of Mahmoud Ezzat, the group’s historic leadership, and the most late first- rank leaders whose arrest was delayed. While the majority of first-rank leaders, including guide Mohammed Badie, were arrested in 2013 and 2014, Mahmoud Izzat’s arrest was delayed until the summer of 2020.

The arrest of Mahmoud Ezzat, who is best known as the Brotherhood’s most prominent hawk, seems to have come as a surprise to the organization that did not arrange for the passing of power to a new leadership.

Mahmoud Ezzat

Attempts by the Istanbul Front are currently focused on presenting Mustafa Tolba, whom it appointed as the leader in an attempt to strangle and isolate the Ibrahim Munir Front, but Munir rejected Hussein’s decisions and continued to act as acting guide.

The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt stands in a neutral zone and showing no reaction to indicate their biased against with either front, at a time when most of their leaders remain in prison.

Referring to the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Muslim Terrorist Brotherhood, it is also worth mentioning the second international conference organized by the group in Istanbul, entitled “Authenticity and Continuity “. Although its activities have been concluded with little results, it is necessary to pay attention to the attempt of the Mahmoud Hussein Front to co-opt the young element of the organization, after many young people were dismissed as a result of the group as a result of its sluggishness and the conflict of its leaders.

Media spokesman Ali Hamad, who announced a project to prepare youth leaders, and Ayat Massad, the spokeswoman for the sisters, appeared for the first time, only to emphasize that there is no serious feminist role in the group abroad.

Observers say that Mahmoud Hussein’s Front is accelerating its steps and procedures to control the group. Whether it will succeed in its quest, whether the Acting Leader Ibrahim Munir will accept to regression or are there new preparations that will surprise his opponents.

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